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Reading what happened to Vivienne (link above) made me cry. A lot. I¬†don’t really have the words to be honest. I’d prefer you to read her page over at Viva Artistry¬†and please consider buying her ‘Rage’ Kit. Below is my … Continued

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Starting a new art doll sculpture

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I've started a new art doll this week. It was the first time I've used Super Sculpey and I was scared to 'cook' her! The polymer clay is gorgeous to work with and... READ MORE

Our new shop !

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I thought I would share some of the arty things my sister and I have been making for our crafty little gift shop . Please do come and have a little look and... READ MORE

The Perfect Little Gift Shop

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I've been away from this blog for a little while whilst trying out new things. My sister is a great needle felter and we've teamed up to create The Perfect Little Little Gift... READ MORE

Goal busting!

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I have so many projects on the go or starting that I decided to treat myself to a new goal planner. This one dates from July 17 to July 18 which is perfect. I... READ MORE

Pet Portraits & Prints

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After a number of requests from people to turn their pet photos into something a bit more arty I have decided to offer the Pet Portraits & Prints service on my website.  I... READ MORE

Mini art journal video

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I've been meaning to share this for some time. I started the mini art journal as a way of making myself create something everyday and it worked! I also enjoyed using collage in... READ MORE

Busy making art !

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I've been busy the last few weeks. Getting ready for the complimentary medicine festival ( which unfortunately has been cancelled ). Building shops on Fine Art America, Soviety6 and Redbubble and a new... READ MORE

Art Sale

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I braved my first time showing my art to the public last Sunday. I didn't sell anything but I LOVED it! I came away with plans and ideas for creating some smaller items... READ MORE