My name is Jo Walsh and I have only recently started creating art again after many years absence. I am constantly excited to have found my passion again and I especially love working with pastels, water soluble oil paints and dabbling in mixed media journaling. I'm discovering a great satisfaction in learning digital composition and photo manipulation. There is something incredibly freeing about compositing in Photoshop and the ability to layer in anything and everything: from my own art and journal backgrounds to photos of walks with my dog or scanned in shopping lists! I would like to learn digital photography/iphonography and also try my hand at sculpture and art dolls too so I have much to do!

 I live in Ilkley, West Yorkshire in the UK, a smallish town situated on the moors. Only a few miles  away from where Emily Bronte imagined Cathy and Heathcliffe roaming in her Gothic romance, Wuthering Heights and a couple of hours drive from Whitby, where Bram Stoker penned Dracula. These influences  may have helped shape my love of all things Gothic, horror and steampunk. Oh, and possibly my teenage years spent dressing as a punk and later as a Goth!  Other  influences are the fantasy/sci-fi books of  China Mieville and Korean horror films, photos of Urban exploration, lowbrow/pop surreal art and my total love of Venice, to which a fifth visit is long overdue.

.......and  The Wicked Lola bit, what's that all about? When I started out thinking about making art again a good place to start seemed to be stamps. As in the ones you ink up and press on the paper. I searched for something that I felt like colouring, a sort of goth/punky/naughty girl style and struggled to find what I wanted. The more I searched the more I liked the idea of creating my own stamps and wanted a name that suited this idea I was formulating. Wicked Lola  kept coming back to me and she's sort of stuck. She's catchy and I like her and who knows I make just design those stamps one of these days!

If you would like to contact me please fill in the form below and I will get back to you as soon as I am able